Light, delicious and earth-friendly, veggies are the rage these days in the culinary world, and Vegas is no exception. In between relaxing at the Strip’s finest hotels, outdoor adventuring, world-class shows and nightlife, we’ve found a few no-fuss vegetarian spots in Vegas for you to try on your trip. 

616 Carson Ave. #120
We’ll start off our Vegas Vegetarian food tour with VegeNation because, well, it’s all in the name. This spot keeps their focus on the good that can occur when we decide to eat more plants. A few of the standout dishes include “Save The Tuna Sushi” and the “Veggie-Bao.” This place will leave you feeling veggie fresh and happy.

Veggie House 
5115 Spring Mountain Rd. #203
Again, we don’t want to be too on-the-nose with this vegetarian guide, but we go where the veggies are, and Veggie House is no exception. We also are totally fine with spots that save us the guessing and tell us straight up what our veggie plate might remind us of, like the “Veggie Shrimp” made from walnuts or Szechuan. Just because we’re vegetarian doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a dish that resembles a non-veggie classic. 

Veggie Delight 
3504 Wynn Rd.
Adding to our veggie favorites, we suggest Veggie Delight, which will offer all of your favorite Asian dishes without the meat or fish! We love the “beef” and mushroom fried noodles, or the Yang Zhou-style fried rice. The interior is small with a modest atmosphere; nothing fussy here, just delicious vegetarian food.

Simply Pure by Chef Stacey Dougan 
707 Fremont St. #1310
We’ve mentioned this little spot before, and we return to it time and time again because we love when healthy doesn’t sacrifice flavor. At Simply Pure, you’ll indulge in some of the best vegetarian dishes you’ve ever had. We recommend the classic spaghetti with zucchini noodles and meat-free red sauce, or the tacos!