Before The Neon Museum came along, the Neon Boneyard was just what the name implies– heaps of old neon signs baking in the scorching desert sun. But through the dedication of passionate and resourceful people, it has transformed into a fun, uniquely “Vegas” excursion that adds to the city’s eclectic selection of museums and exhibits. For visitors and locals alike, here are 5 reasons to visit The Neon Museum now.

View Vegas History
Sin City is not a place known for its appreciation of history. The Strip is littered with new construction planted in the resting place of the many establishments that came before it. This lack of sentimental attachment, luckily, has not extended to the neon signs which once graced the Strip’s infamous spots. A guided tour in the Neon Boneyard is a stroll through history. Knowledgeable and friendly staff walk museumgoers through the context and meaning of notorious landmarks, such as the sign of the Moulin Rouge, the first integrated hotel in the United States. It’s a fascinating way to learn and recall not only Las Vegas’ history, but that of the entire Wild West and the country as a whole.

Do Some Good
Hedonistic parties and hangover brunches are excellent ways to spend time and money in Las Vegas. The Neon Museum, however, offers visitors the opportunity to contribute something positive and lasting to the city that gives so much in hospitality and service. The proceeds collected from ticket sales ensure that the museum can continue to preserve and refurbish its collection of historically significant signage. Attendance at this non-profit organization is the easiest way to bestow some goodwill in Vegas. Maintaining and restoring the signs is hard, specialized work that would be impossible without the patronage of museum attendees.

Take a Break
Speaking of hard work, spending time in Las Vegas can sometimes feel like a challenge. Bright lights, loud sounds – Vegas is a non-stop assault on the senses. At the Neon Boneyard, visitors can switch off and simply enjoy the visuals and quiet in a unique environment. After a morning in the pool, mall or buffet, there’s no better way to recharge. When the massive signs surround you, the sense of scale is impressive. Returning to regularly scheduled activities after pushing pause and enjoying an original experience provides a new perspective on Sin City.

Art in a Different Setting
The neon signs featured in the museum, in addition to being historically important, demonstrate a progression in artistic preferences and changes in design. Over time, tastes and trends emerge that are fun to spot. In a far cry from the stuffy and sterile art museums, visitors are exposed to the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating these large signs, which are part architecture, part sculpture. Observing these beautiful behemoths from up close allows a certain appreciation for the mastery of various mediums needed to create such masterpieces, one that cannot be acquired from afar.  

Picture Perfect Moments
For better or worse, social media has changed how people interact with their surroundings. There is a constant, if subconscious, examination of what will be photogenic and worthy of sharing. The drama, texture and uncommon elements of The Neon Museum make this the perfect location for a photo op. At any level of photography skill, whether amateur or professional, this destination will render one-of-a-kind images, immediately recognizable and memorable. And isn’t that what pictures are for, after all – to capture special moments? A visit to The Neon Museum will doubtless generate many such moments, ripe for preservation.

The Neon Museum offers day tours and night tours; each represents a different visual experience. Make sure to book ahead of time to have your choice of time and date.