Fair warning: Real Bodies at Bally’s is not for everyone—but if you have questions about the human body and you’d like to find those answers by looking at actual examples, this attraction is for you. Whether you’re a pre-med who wants an up close and personal lesson instead of just a chapter in a textbook or you’re the kind of curious traveler who is open to exhibits showcasing the macabre side of things, Real Bodies at Bally’s is a must-see.

True to its name, this attraction is centered around real human bodies. It is a walk-through, self-guided attraction that allows you to see and learn about anatomy, disease, birth, death, and more. Be aware that you will see actual bodies here (ethically sourced) and they are not behind glass. You can’t touch them, but you can get close enough to view them as you wander through several rooms containing information, preserved organs, and full bodies. Here are a few things you’ll see as you tour the exhibit:

The Respiratory System
One of the first things you’ll see when you enter Real Bodies at Bally’s is a body posed with a tennis racket and ball, frozen in mid-serve position. This body, and the ones alongside it, are stripped to show you the many intricacies of the respiratory system. See lungs, learn about how they function, and compare the lungs of smokers and non-smokers. There’s even a place to dump out your cigarettes if you’re feeling inspired to quit.

The Heart
We speak about the heart often—both literally and metaphorically—but what do we really know about it? Enter the part of the exhibit dedicated to the heart and learn about the primary organ of the circulatory system. One of the most impressive things here is seeing the vast puzzle of veins and vessels that make up this part of the human body.

In a place centered around human bodies, it is only natural to think about death. Real Bodies at Bally’s confronts this head-on via a darkened hallway that offers retrospectives on the mystery of what happens after life ends. It’s a strangely contemplative experience to have just steps from a casino, but it’s a welcome one in the context of the exhibit.

Photo Opportunities
A surprising number of Las Vegas attractions do not allow photos, but they are welcome here. As previously mentioned, you can’t touch the bodies, but you can photograph them. A number of artistic poses and props make this a surprisingly artistic experience, even if it is ultimately rooted in biology. Budding photographers will appreciate the opportunity to take pictures of something they might not otherwise have the chance to see.

Strange Trivia
After visiting this exhibit, you’ll leave with previously unknown facts that you’ll be able to pull out at parties for years to come. Real Bodies at Bally’s is peppered with all sorts of odd information. For example, did you know that children’s bones grow faster in the spring or that the volume of air we breathe every day can fill about seven hot air balloons? The exhibit is filled with fascinating facts like these.