Considering the history of Las Vegas, it really should come as no surprise that behind the glitz and glamour of this bustling city are a plethora of frights and scares just waiting to surprise you. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the stories of reported sightings certainly provide entertainment value. One might think that the bright neon lights of Sin City would be enough to scare the specters away, but they would be quite mistaken. If you find yourself curious to encounter some ghoulish activity, here are five ways to get spooked in Las Vegas.

Have Your Mind Read
Thanks to mainstream media, the metaphysical has become fodder for entertainment. That’s where Frederic Da Silva and Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic comes in. Oh sure, magic has always found a home in Las Vegas, but Da Silva’s show goes beyond card tricks and disappearances. Selecting volunteers from the audience, the French-born mentalist reads their minds, guessing what word or time they’re thinking, even stopping a watch to that exact time. It’s eerie and hair-raising, but still family-friendly. Catch Paranormal: Mind Reading Magic at Bally’s.

See Elvis Presley’s Ghost
Before dying of a heart attack in 1977, the King of Rock and Roll played his final show at The Hilton Las Vegas (now the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino). Presley performed there regularly for seven years, in addition to occupying the penthouse suite, and employees and guests currently report seeing Presley’s ghost everywhere from the upper-level floors, to the showroom’s backstage, to the casino floor. Apparently, Elvis has not left the building.

Visit a Haunted Museum
If you have been ghost hunting for almost 15 years, you are bound to amass an impressive collection of creepy things. You could purchase storage space to keep it all, or you could put it on display for the public to enjoy. Renowned paranormal investigator Zak Bagans chose the latter option. After purchasing and renovating an 11,000-square-foot property built in the 1930s and formerly owned by a prominent Las Vegas businessperson, Bagans opened The Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas. Visitors delight in viewing everything from vintage freak show paraphernalia to demonic-possessed items.

Meet the Mob
While most any other American city would keep its criminal past a dirty secret, Las Vegas, oddly, celebrates it. Opened on Valentine’s Day 2012, The Mob Museum sits inside a former courthouse and post office just steps away from Fremont Street at 3rd and Stewart. Featuring three floors of exhibits, the mob museum gives visitors expert insight into organized crime. When you’ve finished getting your mob education, head down below to take advantage of swinging craft cocktails at the museum’s Underground Speakeasy and Distillery, where happy hour is 5 pm–7pm.

Take a Tour of a Ghost Town
Situated in the heart of Red Rock Canyon (just 30 minutes from the Strip), Bonnie Springs Ranch is a charming desert community that once acted as a stopover for trains on their way to California. Today, the spot serves as a tourist attraction with a restaurant, zoo, trail rides and a replica mining city named Old Town – complete with a wax museum. While touring, don’t be surprised if the figures move, but it won’t because they’re robotic. Guests have cited seeing the wax figures in motion and shadows follow them around. Inside the schoolhouse, you may even catch a glimpse of a child’s apparition. Be sure to return in October for the ranch’s annual Halloween festivities.