Fit for Broadway has been exploring the vegan scene in Vegas before #vegan was even a hashtag, so trust us when we say that Vegas has some of the best vegan spots in the nation. It all started one summer day with avocado chocolate pudding (a recipe we’re still trying to master on our own) and has been evolving ever since with creative vegan chefs bringing our favorite comfort foods to meatless veggie plates. So in between drinks at the pool and one of Vegas’s many nightly shows, pop in to one of these spots for a vegan feast!

(lunch or happy hour)
616 Carson Ave., (702) 366-8515

VegeNation’s slogan is “Fresh global street food that makes you feel really damn good.” We will raise our hand to that! We will also raise our hand to their “vegechanga”– basically, the vegan chimichanga burrito of your dreams. Plus, their vibe is community-based, from their food to their atmosphere, so be sure to stop by for their happy hour where they showcase live local music.

Simply Pure by Chef Stacey Dougan
(quick bite or lunch)
707 Fremont St., (702) 810-5641

No vegan list would be complete without Simply Pure. After all, it was the first place we ever tasted vegan chocolate avocado pudding, the prime example of how this eatery utilizes weird ingredients to create delicious results. If your credentials for vegan fare are anything like ours, and include a deep love for comfort food-turned-vegan dishes, you’ll be in heaven – think meatless meat, cheese-less nachos and dairy-free cheesecake. For those “regular food” cravings, try the Asian tacos made with vegan “beef,” followed by the strawberry coconut cheesecake.

Violette’s Vegan Organic Cafe & Juice Bar
(breakfast, lunch or dinner)
8560 W. Desert Inn Rd., (702) 685-0466

Craving a burger? Violette’s is your spot for a deliciously stacked soy protein “burger,” and we recommend the “California Dreamin’ Bacon.” Again, we love vegan food that is also comfort food, because if we can have a bacon burger that is neither bacon nor beef, sign us up.