Downtown Las Vegas may not have the same appeal as the Strip does with it’s luxury resorts, world-renowned shows and sexy nightclubs. But that’s about to change when the area takes a “gamble” with the new thrill attraction Slotzilla, an 80-foot zip line that shoots guests out and over Freemont Street like never before.

The new attraction, which is expected to open in summer 2013, will certainly appeal to the adventurous crowd. When completed Slotzilla will be an 11-story, 120-foot-tall slot-machine-themed zipline experience that gives thrill seekers two ways to experience Freemont Street – both of which will have you flying high above downtown!

There will be two tiers on the attraction, the first will start about 70-feet above the ground. Zip liners on this tier will enjoy the thrill of sliding 850 feet down the Zipline above the thousands of onlookers below before landing at a platform located midway through the Freemont Street Experience. This is perfect for anyone in Sin City for a getaway or staying downtown at great locations like The D Las Vegas, Golden Nugget or Four Queens Hotel & Casino.

The second Slotzilla tier is a little more intense. Starting over 100 feet in the air, this tier launches guests the full distance of Freemont Street Experience. Riders, who will fly in “super hero position” lying down flat in a harness will soar through the Viva Vision Canopy and be propelled up to 35 miles per hour for five blocks above downtown.

The name “SlotZilla” serves as a tribute to the gaming roots of downtown Las Vegas. The massive slot machine comes complete with a slot arm pull, spinning reels, two 37-foot-tall showgirls on each side and a 10-foot-tall “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign. Instead of waiting for coins to drop out of the slot machine, riders will actually become the “jackpot” as riders begin their high-flying adventure through a giant coin tray.

With each batch of riders, the handle will be pulled down, the wheels will spin, the siren light will flash on top and the doors will open as the next “gambler” flies out for a thrilling zip line ride.

Slotzilla is an expansion of a much smaller, temporary zip line that has since 2010 zipped families, newlyweds and locals beneath a long metal canopy that displays an hourly light show. The zipline was intended to be a 30-day novelty, but it proved to be so popular the business community began working to make it permanent and in just four-plus months we’ll have Slotzilla!

Stay tuned for more details on Slotzilla. In the meantime make sure you check out the Viva Vision canopy and light show. The Viva Vision features 12 million LED modules and a 555,000-watt sound system and plays shows like “Bad to the Bone” “A tribute to the Queen” among others.

Las Vegas, NV - 1/24/13