The Hilarious Seven

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The Hilarious Seven

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The Hilarious Seven
Geared toward modern audiences with short attention spans, The Hilarious Seven is a 70-minute comedy showdown that stars seven comedians dishing out their favorite jokes as they battle for top honors from the audience. Hosted by Las Vegas headliner John Hilder, this fast-paced show will have you laughing out loud as each comedian hits the stage to show off their skills. With top billing on the line and the clock ticking, the comedians bring their A-game for maximum laughs. Are you prepared for a wild night of comedy? Get your discount tickets to The Hilarious Seven with

Featuring today’s hottest comedians from the Las Vegas area and around the country, The Hilarious Seven is a fun way to spend an evening. Buckle up for a wild and hilarious ride where you get to decide which comedian delivers the best jokes of the night.


Thursday-Saturday at 7:00pm

Age Restrictions:

Show Duration:
70 minutes 

Notoriety at Neonopolis
450 Fremont St. Suite 370
Las Vegas, NV 89101