Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding

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Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding

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Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding 
Come join the most entertaining wedding in Vegas! Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding in Buca di Beppo at Bally’s is an interactive Las Vegas show, where you’ll become part of the performance as guests at this special occasion. With a cast of creative and highly improvisational actors throughout the wedding party and within the audience, anything can happen at this hysterical Italian wedding that pushes the envelope. From the ceremony to the wedding reception and the dinner, prepare yourself for an uproarious celebration of wedding high jinks. Dance, drink, eat, and chat the night away with friends, family, and the cast. lets you experience the most genuine fake wedding in Las Vegas for a celebration that you’ll never forget!

Along with world-class Vegas entertainment, Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding offers a full Italian Buffet dinner at every show, provided by the famed Italian restaurant Bucca di Beppo. It’s just like attending a wedding, but always fun and hilarious! Say cheers with the Champagne toast, and don’t forget the parmesan cheese on your Caesar Salad. The Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding dinner also includes Chicken Parmesan, Baked Ziti, garlic bread and a traditional wedding cake for desert. VIP Seating receives the best seats in the house, first serving at dinner plus a two-hour bar package that includes beer, wine and sangria, and a cast meet & greet when the show ends. knows a good deal when we see it and Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding never disappoints with over 4,000 celebrations in Las Vegas alone.

Show Highlights: 
Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding is an all-inclusive night of entertainment. Not only will you see a famed Las Vegas Strip show, you’ll feast on a traditional Italian Buffet from Italian restaurant Bucca di Beppo, for a show that will truly simulate all five senses. Every performance of Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding is distinct; the players use the audience to organically steer their act, so you’ll always have original comedy and scenarios that plays out each night. For instance, guests are encouraged to wear formal to business casual attire, but it’s not a requirement. Shorts and sandals are fine, but if you do; you’ll probably get an earful from Tina’s mother, Ms. Vitale, and the experience is classic. It’s all part of the excitement and never-ending humor at Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding at Bally’s Las Vegas.


Show Schedule:
Friday - Wednesday at 7pm

Age Requirement:
All Ages

Run Time:
2 Hours

Bally's Buca di Beppo
3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
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